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Field hours
Monday thru Saturday   09:00 hrs. to 20:30 hrs.
Sundays and Holidays  10:00 hrs. to 20:30 hrs.

B.M.A.C. Field Rules

1.This is a MAAC chartered field . 
MAAC membership (or equivalent)
is required and must be displayed when flying .

2.Vehicles must use the loading and parking areas , which is up to the rear wall at the back of the club house . Do not drive in front of the club house or back up to the field tables .

3. No R/C aircraft shall be assembled or tested anywhere on the field until your transmitter(s) is in the Radio Impound or you have pinned the frequency board . Your frequency pin needs to clearly display your name and channel . Note: 2.4 GHz (spread spectrum) radios are exempt from this rule .

4. A radio 'range check' is required before the first flight of the day for each individual aircraft (24 meters) .

5. The announcement of runway incursions is required .

6. Noise limits may be applied if appropriate .

7. While flying , pilots and helpers must be inside the Pilot Station area . In special circumstances , take offs may be undertaken with the pilot and crew on the runway .

8. Electric aircraft will only be armed with batteries at the flight line or starting tables . No electric aircraft will be left unattended while armed with batteries . 

9. No spotter is required with three or less planes in the air . Four or more planes require spotters for each pilot . 

10. Designated "no fly zone" must be adhered to . Absolutely no flying is allowed behind the flight line or over the main road .

11. Powered gliders and other climb and glide aircraft may fly over any part of the field once at an altitude of 150 feet but not over the pits , spectators or parking .

12. If there is no certified Instructor at the field and if the pilot operating the Master radio has been certified (has wings) for at least one calendar year , then that pilot is authorized to take someone up for a demonstration flight . 

13. All incidents or accidents between model aircraft and people on the ground or other full scale aircraft shall be reported in a timely manner to the head office and Zone Director through the club president and/or club executive commitee. 

14. The layout of the flying field(s) and adequacy of all related safety requirements shall be reconsidered , checked and confirmed on an annual basis .

15. In the event of an approaching train , all aircraft must be landed . No flying when trains are present . (This rule only applies to the Pond Road field) . 

16. All  R/C cars must be operated in the designated track area .