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Club Rules, Regulations 
and Training

    We teach you how to fly !

Flight Training 


Wings Program 


Field Hours

Monday thru Saturday   09:00 am to 8:30 pm
Sundays and Holidays  10:00 am to 8:30 pm

B.M.A.C. Field Rules

1. All pilots and operators must have a valid MAAC membership .

2.Vehicles must use the loading and parking areas, which is up to the rear wall at the back of the club house. Do not drive in front of the club house or back up to the field tables.

3. No R/C aircraft shall be assembled or tested anywhere on the field until your transmitter(s) is in the Radio Impound or you have pinned the frequency board. Your frequency pin needs to clearly display your name and channel.
Note: 2.4 GHz (spread spectrum) radios are exempt from this rule.

4. A radio 'range check' is required before the first flight of the day for each individual aircraft (24 meters).

5. The announcement of runway incursions is required.

6. Noise limits may be applied if appropriate.

7. While flying, pilots and helpers must be inside the Pilot Station area . In special circumstances, take offs may be undertaken with the pilot and crew on the runway.

8. Electric aircraft will only be armed with batteries at the flight line or starting tables. No electric aircraft will be left unattended while armed with batteries. 

9. No spotter is required with three or less planes in the air. Four or more planes require spotters for each pilot . 

10. Designated "no fly zone" must be adhered to. Absolutely no flying is allowed behind the flight line or over the main road.

11. If there is no certified Instructor at the field and if the pilot operating the Master radio has been certified (has wings) for at least one calendar year, then that pilot is authorized to take someone up for a demonstration flight. 

12. All incidents or accidents between model aircraft and people on the ground or other full scale aircraft shall be reported in a timely manner to the head office and Zone Director through the club president and/or club executive commitee. 

13. The layout of the flying field(s) and adequacy of all related safety requirements shall be reconsidered, checked and confirmed on an annual basis.

14. All R/C cars must be operated in the designated track area.

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