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A Brief History of the Brockville Model Aero Club 1938-1972

    The Brockville Rotary Club organized and sponsored a group of air-minded youth (age 12-14) into the Brockville Model Aero Club, in August 1938.  During this time, the club was strictly a free-flight club, as were most of the clubs in those days.  The Rotary Club allowed use of their skate changing building at Rotary Park Rink for BMAC meetings and construction activities, - during the summer months.

Victoria Day Flying Competitions
     An Annual Rotary Flying Competition was held every May 24th.  These successful meets were held for many years on the Ontario Hospital Farm property which is the present Brockville Industrial Park.

Many youthful competitors came from other clubs, including Ottawa, Ogdensburg, Watertown, and Kingston.  It evolved into one of the biggest and best known contests in Canada.

World War II

     As WW II broke out, many of the original members joined the RCAF.  A new wave of youthful modelers followed in the tradition.  Several members obtained their private pilot’s license, as well as one becoming an Air Canada captain.  Following the war, the BMAC continued operating on its own by active modelers of all ages.  Over 70 individuals were members over the active club period of 1938-1972. 

Radio Control
   In 1972, a small, separate group of modelers were casually flying radio control.  This group would eventually become the Brockville Radio Control Club (BRCC).  In 1997/1998 out of respect for the history, the BRRC adopted the name and crest of the old Brockville Model Aero Club, with a slight twist by changing "Aero" to "Aeronautics".  The Brockville Model Aeronautics Club was born, again.

 The BMAC “Crest” 

     The Crest, was designed by a 14 year old original member, B. Loomis (now deceased).  It was proudly used until the Club ceased in the early 70’s – but adopted by the Brockville Radio Control Club in 1998 along with the club name.  Mr. Allan Birks, the Rotary President who spear-headed the original effort, donated a large, beautiful perpetual trophy for competition – which was eagerly sought.

     The assistance from the local Rotary Club was appreciated by all members.  Their efforts were responsible for keeping many Brockville youth in an active, healthy, educational and productive exercise.

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